PT. Servita Beningdo

What is BP?

Promotion material design and production

What is BP?

How you present your Company to the world is often the key to business success. A professionally produced, up to date Company profile and web site are the “first impression” that potential customers and investors have of your Company. Follow up with attractively designed letter heads, purchase orders and all the other external documentation that a Company needs in today’s business environment creates the right impression of a professionally managed efficient Company—critical in today’s highly competitive market place.

PT Servita Beningdo can work with your marketing team and others in your organisation to design a web site, company profile and promotion and other documentation with a unified “theme” so your company becomes instantly recognizable—for all the right reasons! With our in house expertise in the Indonesian Mining business we can also write much of the text for a Company Profile or web site and save your senior management’s time for more profitable operations. All we need is an hour or two of your time to tell us who you are, what you do and what your future plans are—we can do the rest.


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