PT. Servita Beningdo



PT Servita Beningdo is the sole agent in Indonesia for sonic drills supplied by SonicSampDrill a Dutch company, part of the Royal Eijkelkamp Group. SonicSampDrill is a new type of geotechnical and exploration drill which is up to 4 times faster than rotary drills and returns better than 95% core recovery.
The drill head contains two counter rotating weights operated by hydraulic motors which send a vibration or resonance through the drill string of up to 150Hz. This has the effect of liquefying a very thin layer of material in contact with the drill string and drill bit causing it to act like a fluid. Friction is dramatically reduced and consequently drilling speed is increased. The drill string also stays very straight with little deviation over the full length of the bore hole. The core samples obtained are long, continuous and uncontaminated especially in wet, loose or unconsolidated material.

For more informations please visit SonicSampDrill Site :