The Hectronic computer fuel management system is a high quality German fuel management system that will integrate with your existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software such ast MIMS Ellipse, Oracle JDE, Pronto or others.


HSD-Water specializes in water treatment solutions based on using an electrolysis process. This technology exposes the water to a low-voltage direct current that converts the available natural salts in the water into free chlorine. This chlorine kills micro-organisms present in the water, such as legionella and coliform bacteria. Therefore, this innovative technology is capable of supplying clean and safe drinking water without adding any chemicals to the water.

For more informations please visit HSD water Site : hsd-water.com


Spectrum Technologies

Spectrum Technologies is a U.S. company specializing in high quality equipment for analyzing soil, water and weather.

For more informations please visit Spectrum Technologies Site : www.specmeters.com


Eijkelkamp GeoPoint is specialised in the development and manufacturing of CPT cones and other geotechnical instruments. They also refurbish thousands of CPT cones from around the world at their facility in the Netherlands.

For more information please visit Eijkelkamp GeoPoint site : www.geopoint.nl/en/about-us/


PT Servita Benigdo is the exclusive agent in Indonesia for Royal Eijkelkamp– a long established Dutch Company producing high quality monitoring and testing equipment for soil and water. They offer remote data collection facilities as well as tailored training solutions.


Please visit Eijkelkamp Site : en.eijkelkamp.com


PT Servita Beningdo is the sole agent in Indonesia for sonic drills supplied by SonicSampDrill a Dutch company, part of the Royal Eijkelkamp Group. SonicSampDrill is a new type of geotechnical and exploration drill which is up to 4 times faster than rotary drills and returns better than 95% core recovery.
The drill head contains two counter rotating weights operated by hydraulic motors which send a vibration or resonance through the drill string of up to 150Hz. This has the effect of liquefying a very thin layer of material in contact with the drill string and drill bit causing it to act like a fluid. Friction is dramatically reduced and consequently drilling speed is increased. The drill string also stays very straight with little deviation over the full length of the bore hole. The core samples obtained are long, continuous and uncontaminated especially in wet, loose or unconsolidated material.

For more informations please visit SonicSampDrill Site : http://www.sonicsampdrill.com/ 

Fraste Drilling Rigs

Fraste have been designing and building world class drilling rigs for water well, geothermal and many other projects for more than 50 years. They have listened to their customers and have continued to grow and innovate in partnership with them. They offer superb after market support combined with an ability to customize equipment to suit the exact requirements of their customers. Their success has made them a world leader in drilling rig supply.

For more informations please visit Fraste Site : www.fraste.com